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Ford Ka Steering angle sensor

Ford Ka steering angle sensor

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Ford Ka steering angle sensor C1002  ✓  2 Years Warranty ✓ in stock  ✓ incl. installation manual (without you are not allowed to replace it. | Call us now !  

For Column 1567601
Ford Ka steering angle sensor  C1002 :

The steering angle sensor is in 99.99% the cause of malfunction of  the electric power steering.


Do you have the below Error Code C1002 , C5002 , C0051 ? and below symptoms ?


1. Heavy steering (can be in one direction but will mostly be in both directions)

2. Intermittent loss of steering.

3. Total loss of power steering.

4. Steering starts to pull to one side (Self steer).

5. Steering vibrates when turning.

6. Power steering light illuminated on the dashboard  

Ford Ka Steering angle sensor 


Important :

Only if you have loss of power steering and also error code
C1002 you can repair the Power Steering Column by replacing the sensor !

Common Error Codes in the Powersteering ECU  

C1002, C5002, C0051


Repair Package Includes:


✓ 1 x Steering / Torque / Position angle Sensor

✓ 1 x Steering / Torque angle Sensor installation instructions.


Important: You need to calibrate the Power Steering Torque Sensor after the installation.


Torque sensor calibration is only possible with Bosch KTS , Multi Ecu Scan (MES=FES), Texa and Brainbee.


You can also order the Calibration device if you don't have A Bosch KTS scanner.


✓ 1 x Torque sensor calibration OBD device (Rent 14 days )

✓ 1 X Torque sensor calibration software & manual.
           (Win XP / 7 / 8 / 10)


Shipment per DHL. Delivery 1-2 days after receipt of order!


Step by step Sensor installation guide is included.


It will take max 1.5 hour to replace the Powersteering Steering angle torque sensor ! 


No need to remove the steering column and the steering wheel and airbag !!

Important :

Please mention Car details : VIN, Year, model with or without ASR - ESP !!!!

Please check the Error Code ! Only with C1002 , C5002 


We advice you to contact us with the chassis number before ordering !


IMPORTANT : You can only replace the torque position sensor if your car is from Year: 



Fiat 500           2006-2009/2010 ! 

Ford Ka           2006-2009/2010 

Grande punto: 2006-2008/2009 ! 

There is no need to change the steering column.

Leave the column in the car and Repair your column in 1-1.5 hour maximum!

There are many Advantages of repairing the Powersteering by replacing the steering angle sensor: 


2 year warranty. 

✓ Save time. You can start the repair of the powersteering column immediately so no delay. 

 No waiting time on your Steering column 3 to 5 days. 

✓ You keep your good working motor and Module! 

 Save money by changing the sensor in stead of the column. Replace it in 1.0 hour.

 A step by step sensor installation manual is included. 

 6 days a week phone support 7:00- 20:00


Important Ford Ka Steering angle sensor: 

A very detailed Sensor installation manual is included. 


Please do not install the sensor without the installation manual !


If you do not follow our instructions it is possible that the steeringwheel will turn by itself and that torquesensor calibration is not possible !


Important :

As mentioned Sensor replacement you always need to perform Torque sensor calibration.

Torque Sensor Calibration is -> NOT  <- possible for Grande Punto / Fiat 500 / Ford Ka  with Fiat Examiner / Gutmann / Launch /Delphi / Snap- On. 

With our OBD device  you can calibrate  the Torque sensor for Grande Punto / 500 / Ford Ka.

You need to order the calibration device seperate ( 14 days rent ) and need to return it afterwards!  


We  are 100% confident you prefer to repair the Power Steering Column by 

changing the sensor in 1.5 hour only.


We will be happy to assist you by phone if you need assistance.


Please contact us now!


Customer Phone Support line :   +31243785906 



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