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89650-0H030 ✓ Calibrated ✓ 2 Years Warranty ✓ in stock  ✓ incl. installation manual (without you are not allowed to replace it. | Call us now !  




You need to return the old Power steering ECU computer

The Power steering ECU computer is in 99.99% the cause of malfunction of  the electric power steering.


Do you have the below symptoms ?


1. P/S Power steering light illuminated on the dash

2. Heavy steering (can be in one direction but will mostly be in both directions)

3. Intermittent loss of steering.

4. Total loss of power steering.

5. Empty battery .

Common Error Codes in the Powersteering ECU  

C1552 , C1554, C1555.

Power steering ECU computer is calibrated.

It will take max 30 min to replace the power steering ECU computer !           

Including detailed installation Manual !

Shipment per DHL. Delivery in the EU depending on the country


Important :

Return the old power steering ECU computer within 14 days 

It is not allowed to open and or solder on the old power steering column. 


You need to pay a deposit for the old column  ( € 99,00 )

After we receive the old powersteering we will transfer the deposit back into your account !

Paypal : info@steeringanglesensor.com


Old steering column needs to be returned to:


Powersteering G. de Heus 

Snees 6

6641 RL Beuningen 

The Netherlands


There are many Advantages of an exchange Power steering ECU computer:

2 year warranty. 

✓ Save time. You can start the repair the powersteering column immediately so no delay. 

 Save money by changing the power steering ECU computer in stead of a new column.

Replace it in 30 min.

 A step by step installation manual is included. 

 6 days a week phone support 7:00- 18:00



A very detailed installation manual is included. 

Please do not install the power steering column without the installation manual !


We  are 100% confident you prefer to repair the Power steering  ECU computer by 

replacing it in 30 min only.


We will be happy to assist you by phone if you need assistance.


Please contact us now!


Customer Phone Support line :   +31243785906 

Email: Info@steeringanglesensor.com